My Laser Hair Removal Experience

(a record of having laser hair removal treatment on my underarms and bikini line)

21/01/19 – Patch Test: The practitioner tested the laser on a small section of my underarms and bikini line. The other clinic I went to did it on my wrist so I wasn’t ‘prepared’ for her to laser those areas. Just in case you don’t know, you need to have completely shaved the area that you want to have laser treatment on the night before. However, the fact that I had last shaved almost a week before my appointment worked out okay as the practitioner was able to see the type of hair I had and the colour of my hair and so on. After doing that, she got out a razor and shaved the tiny patch that she was going to test the laser on.

In the next 24 hours I really noticed the area that was treated was very soft and smooth. Over the next week or so, hair growth on the areas  that were not tested grew back at the usual rate but the little patch that was treated still had no sign of hair growth. I think it was this lack of hair on the patches treated that got me the most excited about having the treatment and convinced me to have the treatment as I could clearly see that I was responding well to the laser. The lady that treated me told me I was a great candidate and would probably only need 7 to 12 treatments for permanent hair loss. However, I wasn’t sold because I have a friend who even after 12 treatments, still experienced a lot of hair growth. However, because of the results of the patch test, I was convinced to have the treatment and signed up for 7 underarms and Brazilian bikini sessions.

21/02/19 – 1st Session: I wasn’t nervous or awkward about having my treatment because I went with a clinic and a practitioner who I was fully comfortable with. This is really important especially if you are having anything more than the modest bikini (look out for my blog on how to pick a clinic). Seen as I was going for the Brazilian and essentially whoever was treating me would be seeing everything (by everything, I mean every nook and cranny), so it was crucial that I found a clinic where I felt relaxed.

I won’t go into too much detail about the laser because I’m not a specialist but the laser was the right one for my skin colour; blowing very cold air, at a pressure of a high quality hair dryer whilst laser beams were shot at my skin. She gridded up each area that was going to be treated into sections, so that she did not treat the same section twice. I can’t say it was the most comfortable experience with regards to pain – it feels like being flicked with a rubber band repeatedly and at times it did make me jump. However, I consider myself to have a very low pain threshold and I managed to lay there and let her get on with it without needing her to stop at all; she said this was unusual as people usually can’t take the whole thing.

22/03/19 – 2nd Session: It’s been a month since my first session and I have not needed to shave any of the areas I have had treated. I forget sometimes that I’ve had those areas treated and I’ll be lifting my arms in a yoga class or in church then put them straight down thinking, “oh my gosh I haven’t shaved my underarms” and then I remember “I don’t need to” and it’s just like yasss queen!! Honestly, it’s a liberating feeling.

The night before my second session I went over all the areas I’m having treated with a razor, just because and then I went ahead and made a few adjustments to the Brazilian shape I am having done because it wasn’t quite perfect.

I have to say this session was quite a bit more painful than the last. I think it was mostly down to the fact that I was really not very well and already in a bit of pain coming in, so my whole entire body was just that little more sensitive to pain.

When it came to my bikini line, I really wasn’t shy in voicing my opinions and desires because at the end of the day, if she went ahead and treated areas I didn’t want treated it would be permanently like that. So in the end, I just took her white chalky pen that she uses to section the areas and sectioned off the shape I wanted, because she was having a little trouble drawing a straight and even triangle.

to be continued…

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