The skincare routine for when you can’t even be bothered to brush your teeth let alone wash your face

Step 1: Remove Makeup/Cleanse Face – Face Halo

I have been known to grab the glass of water by my bed to get one of the Face Halo pads soaking wet and then I just wipe my face. I love them because they really do reach into my pores and remove the makeup, excess oil and dirt on my skin. Not just that though, they wipe away the guilt that I feel for being so lazy because they do such a good job at cleaning my skin and I have never once woken up with clogged pores when I’ve opted to use these instead of regular face wipes. I also feel great because they are a lot better for the environment than regular cotton pads and all you need to use them is water. (if you ha

Step 2: Spot Treat or Spot Prevent
– Spot Treat: Benzoyl Peroxide
So I’ve never battled with acne before and I am aware that this is recommended for people with acne but I’ve found when I do get a spot or two, I just want something that will destroy them and this really does. Beware though because if your bed sheets aren’t white, they’ll destroy them too because it will bleach them. It essentially works by reducing the amount of acne-causing bacteria by causing the skin to dry and peel, because of this I suggest you do not use this if you are too lazy to apply moisturiser afterwards.
– Spot Prevent: Tea Tree Oil
If it is one of those blessed days where I don’t have a spot then I tend to just dap a couple drops of tea tree oil on my problem areas (which are my cheeks and temples). Tea tree is one of my favourite products!! It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and it helps to heal and prevent spot scars – this is why I put it on my cheeks because it’s usually where I’ve had and picked a spot. Sometimes tea tree oil is a bit strong depending on which one you have, if so mix it with the next step – moisturiser.

Step 3: Moisturise – The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors +HA
My favourite moisturiser, I wouldn’t give this up for anyone. You know that feeling when you are so thirsty and someone gives you a glass of cool (not too hot and not freezing cold) water and it just hits the spot? Well this is like that but on your face. Moisturizing is so important because it reduces the chances of skin problems, especially ageing. Using the right kind of moisturizer is so important. Did you even know that there is a difference between hydrating your skin and moisturising? But to fully explain that needs a whole other blog post. Instead, you can just trust me when I say this is a great moisturizer to choose because it both hydrates your skin and adds moisture to your skin.

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