Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Serum Review

So Milk Makeup finally launched in the UK at Cult Beauty and I just had to try it out. I really wasn’t expecting much from them really –  I thought how can anything be that incredible in a little stick?! At the most it would be something handy and compact to put in my gym bag. But I thought I’d try out their serum and mask and as it turns out I was pleasantly surprised.

I started using it on the 1st of February and I finished the stick on the 23rd of March. I use it morning and night as part of my daily skincare routine and it lasted 50 days. You’ll have to let me know whether you think that is a good amount of usage for the price.

Why Milk Makeup’s Watermelon Brightening Serum has earned a permanent place in my daily skincare routine:

  • It is incredibly hydrating (which is not the same as moisturising) – the feeling of smoothing it all over my skin is comparable to drinking a cool glass of water on a sunny day and it is hydrating that lasts all day.
  • It is like an external multivitamin for my face; containing vitamin A, C and E and my skin just feels healthy after adding this into my skin routine. I always allow six weeks to tell whether a product is working or good for my skin and I have to say my skin has just felt nourished since using this. Take a look at my oral skincare routine, as I think it is so important to look after your skin from the inside and out.
  • It leaves your skin feeling baby smooth which makes me want to touch my skin all day, which is never a good idea but that is how soft my skin feels after using this product. This is because it contains Matrixyl, a biomimetic peptide complex which improves the elasticity of our skin.
  • Milk Makeup calls this a ‘brightening’ serum, I wouldn’t say it was but I’ll talk about that below. You could say it ‘brightens’ but I think what it has really done for me is heal my skin. Those awful days when I do pick a spot, I’ve just notices that my skin heals a lot quicker and where it would leave a dark mark, the marks aren’t as dark and fade a lot quicker. This is down to the fact that it contains Swiss garden cress sprout extract, which helps to ‘brighten’ by reducing the appearance of dark spots for a more even skin tone. However, I can’t really say that it has helped to fade marks or scars that were present  before I started using this product.

Where this serum fails:

  • It’s not brightening in that it does not “leave your skin looking dewy and luminous” as Cult Beauty promises (although Milk Makeup does not promise this on their website). I can see how paired with their Hydrating Oil it would though.
  • You really cannot use this on it’s own, but it works perfectly in the order I use it in my skincare routine – so check out where I use this serum in my routine. Still using it on it’s own it leaves a weird, but invisible, almost sticky, not full absorbed feeling on your skin. As part of a regime it’s perfect but alone, it gives no moisture, just hydration and our skin needs to be both hydrated and moisturised

Where you can buy it from:

UK: Cult Beauty & Selfridges
US: JCPenney, Sephora & Selfridges

Have you tried any of the Milk Makeup products? Let me know your what you thought of them and which ones you’d recommend in the comments!

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