Who knew committed meant liberated?

In the world we live in, to be committed means to be restricted. When people get into a relationship some joke and say “he or she is now tied down forever”; their options are now completely limited and they are essentially trapped. Now let’s get something straight, I think being committed to one person is a beautiful thing so if you expect this blog to be promoting having multiple partners, then let me burn down those misconceptions right now.

Clearly we can’t get away from the fact that when a person becomes committed to another person, their options do become limited as they can’t just think of themselves and do what they want to do. (well technically they can but that relationship will soon come to an end if they did)

Ultimately, what the majority believe is that choosing to be committed to something means limiting yourself from so may other things and this is seen in a negative light.

Yet why is it that I find myself in a committed relationship where I am more liberated than I have ever been?! Where I am protected not controlled, freed not restricted. You see before this relationship, I was trapped but didn’t realise it. Some of my chains were self-inflicted, others I allowed to be put on me by the society we live in. I was incarcerated by the feeling that if I didn’t get certain grades or get a high paying job then I would not live a good life. I was trapped by accepting that we have to be on society’s conveyor belt and jump certain hurdles at certain times. I was tied down by not being hopeful and not allowing myself to dream bigger dreams that seemed unrealistic by the world’s standards. I was trapped by thinking I had to get straight into the legal profession as soon I finish education, get a set career path and spend the next 50 years or so ‘living for the weekend’ like the majority of people. I was trapped because I limited my time spent doing other things because, I felt like I had to spend a certain amount of time in the gym, trying to look a certain way.


But then… Then I got into this relationship. This amazing relationship where the pressure cooker has been switched off because if I mess up and when I fail, He has got it covered so I am free to try as many things I like without asking the question ‘what if I fail?’. In this overwhelming relationship I am told in so many different ways how much I am loved and so valued and so unlike many I don’t need to spend my time looking for love in all the wrong places. Instead, I am free to spend my energy doing what I love, chasing after the hopes and dreams that He has given me. You see why on earth would I need to spend my time looking for love and affirmation when I am in relationship with the ultimate source of love and the one who affirms me even at my worst. Since being in this eye-opening relationship I no longer feel the pressure of being restricted to one career path, because He holds so many doors open for me that I am free to explore with Him. In this unexplainable, undeserving relationship I don’t have to compact all my joy into the weekend because with Him, I am free to experience a peace that surpasses understanding and a joy that lasts regardless of circumstances every single day. In this real and transparent relationship, I am free to aim to be healthy without the pressure of having to look a certain way because He is the one who invented beautiful and He already thinks I am beautiful and consequently I am free to simply be me.

It is true, being in a committed relationship with someone does restrict you in many ways, but let me tell you this.. being in a committed relationship with God is the most liberated that you will ever be.

I never knew that commitment could equal liberation, I didn’t see what I needed to live life to its fullest and I could not have imagine that I could be so FREE.

“I came so that they may have life, life in its fullness” – Jesus

So I now I am asking you, why restrict yourself when you could live life to the fullest?

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